Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA)

Leading Cases

Arab Bank Case

In July 2004, Osen LLC filed the first civil lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York against Arab Bank, plc on behalf of American terror victims.

Crédit Lyonnais Case

Osen LLC represents 40 families who were victims of terrorist attacks committed by the Palestinian terrorist organization known as Hamas.

NatWest Case

Osen LLC represents 35 families who were victims of terrorist attacks committed by the Palestinian terrorist organization known as Hamas.

Deutsche Bank Case

Osen LLC represents families of American soldiers who were victims of Iranian-supported terrorism in Iraq.

Chiquita Case

Osen LLC represents the families of five missionaries kidnapped and murdered by the Colombian terrorist organization Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC).


Osen LLC represents more than 85 families of Americans who were victims of Iranian-facilitated terrorism in a case captioned Freeman v. HSBC which was brought under the Anti-Terrorism Act (“ATA”).

Terrorism Financing Litigation

Civil Remedies for Terror Victims

Osen LLC is presently litigating ground-breaking actions against Arab Bank plc, Crédit Lyonnais S.A. and National Westminster Bank on behalf of victims of terrorist attacks perpetrated in Israel. These cases reflect the Firm’s commitment to provide meaningful redress for victims of terrorism by using civil litigation as a means of shutting down the financial pipeline to various terrorist organizations, their leaders and networks of charitable and social organizations. The lawsuits are predicated on the Anti-Terrorism Act (the “ATA”), which provides a cause of action for American citizens (and their family members or heirs) killed or injured by acts of international terrorism.
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The landscape of terrorism and terror financing is constantly changing. For victims of terrorism, retaining a law firm with a depth of knowledge, creativity, contacts, resources, experience, and, most importantly, the commitment and tenacity to litigate against some of the biggest corporations in the world is critical. Dozens of law firms world-wide boast of litigating on behalf of terror victims, but often attach their names to cases fought and won by others. Osen LLC doesn’t just collect clients or issue press releases. We litigate cases against some of the largest corporations in the world, which are typically represented by blue-chip “Big Law” defense firms.
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