About the Firm

Osen LLC is a law firm with offices in Manhattan and Hackensack, New Jersey dedicated to representing clients in groundbreaking litigation. We bring high profile and complex international counter-terrorism financing cases against the world’s most powerful corporations under the Anti-Terrorism Act; sue governments designated State Sponsors of Terrorism such as the Islamic Republic of Iran under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act; and recover stolen art. We work with other talented law firms around the globe, thereby allowing us to tackle major cases while avoiding conflicts and maintaining the flexibility of a small firm.


We are proud of the hard-working and decent people we represent. Their stories are our lifeblood, and their cases are our cause. Whether it is helping the families of American veterans who were killed or injured in terrorist attacks in Iraq or Afghanistan or pursuing justice for Americans killed and injured by terrorist groups in Israel or Colombia, we understand how difficult it is for individuals to obtain justice in a world dominated by large corporations and impersonal, self-serving and often ruthless governments. We work hard to deliver high-quality legal services that fit within our clients’ budgetary guidelines. We understand that the playing field isn't level and know what it takes to deliver positive results: single-minded dedication, creative thinking, innovative strategy, the will to confront powerful interests, and an old-fashioned commitment to personal client service. 


Because our cases are often ground-breaking and vindicate important public interests, our attorneys have been quoted and featured in many leading newspapers, magazines and news programs in the United States and around the world, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News  and numerous other publications around the globe.

About Osen LLC