About Osen LLC

Osen LLC stands at the forefront of groundbreaking civil counter-terrorism litigation, battles to recover looted art, and efforts to obtain restitution for Nazi victims in Germany. Our clients include veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, the families of Americans killed and injured in suicide bombings in Israel, and the families of American missionaries kidnapped, held hostage, and murdered in Colombia. The cases we litigate are massive in scope, complex and time-intensive. As a result, we accept only a limited number of matters to ensure that we are accessible and responsive to our clients and uphold our high standards of professionalism.


Our firm has been described as having “a penchant for tackling larger-than-life cases” and being “on a mission to fight terrorists by cutting off their bankroll,” and The New York Times has called Gary M. Osen, our managing partner, an “internationally consulted legal authority on terror financing.” 


We aspire to demonstrate the same courage and determination in the legal system that our clients exhibit every day.

Leading Cases

In July 2004, Osen LLC filed the first civil lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York...
Linde v. Arab Bank, Plc - Osen LLC - Settled
Osen LLC represents more than 130 families of Americans who were victims of Iranian-supported terrorism in Iraq between...
Pentagon with flag
Osen LLC represents 40 families who were victims of terrorist attacks committed by the Palestinian terrorist...
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