Café Hillel Bombing, Jerusalem

Terrorist Organization Responsible


> Official Claim of Responsibility

> ISA Report

> Conviction (Salah Musa)

> Conviction (Salah Musa)



Ramez Fahmi Izz al-din Abu Salim 


Other Cell Members Involved in the Attack

Ahmad Muhammad Ubayd 

Salah Subhi Dawud Musa   

Ibrahim Jamil Mar'i Hamed

Bahij Ahmad Bader


Media Coverage of the Attack

CNN, “Suicide bombers kill 15 in Mideast,” Sep 10, 2003

The New York Times, “In 2 Bombings, Arab Attackers Kill 13 in Israel,” Sep 10, 2003

Ynet, “Exposing those responsible for the terror attack at Café Hillel,” Dec 12, 2004 (in Hebrew)

Video excerpts from the documentary “For the Sake of Allah” 6:22-7:45 + 0:00-1:54


7 dead

50 injured