Hebrew University Cafeteria Bombing, Jerusalem

Terrorist Organization Responsible


Official Claim of Responsibility

> Conviction (Silwad Cell)



Muhammad Ishaq Awda 


Other Cell Members Involved in the Attack

Wa'el Mahmud ‘Muhammad Ali’ Qassam

Wisam Sa’id Abbasi

Ali Abbasi

Muhammad Hasan Arman

Abdullah Barghouti

Ibrahim Hamed


Media Coverage of the Attack

The New York Times, “Bomb Kills 7 in Jerusalem; Hamas Claims Responsibility,” Jul 31, 2002 

Fox News, “Terror Blast Kills 7, Including 5 Americans, at Jerusalem University,” Aug 1, 2002 

Video excerpt from the documentary “For the Sake of Allah” 5:37-6:34 

JULY 31, 2002

9 dead

70 injured