Abdullah Barghouti - Hamas Bomb-Maker

Status: Incarcerated


Abdullah Barghouti pled guilty in 2004 to building the bombs that killed 66 people and wounded more than 500. An Israeli court handed Barghouti one life sentence for each person killed in the attacks and one more for wounding hundreds of others.

Excerpt from Abdullah Barghouti’s Interrogation by the Israeli Police

"Before I became a fugitive I opened a bank account in the Arab Bank on Mannara square in Ramallah. Into this account Salah No. 1 deposited 40,000 NIS once in September 2001. In October 2002 I opened a bank account in the name of Arafat Taher Barghouti in the Arab Bank in El –Bireh account number 14948. I wanted that Salah No. 2 to deposit into my account the money for the apartment I bought in the El Carameh building but, as I told you in my previous testimony, Salah 2 gave me the money for the apartment in cash."

Barghouti was convicted of making the bombs used in the bombing at the Hebrew University in which five Americans and four Israelis were killed, a suicide bombing at a branch of the Sbarro pizzeria that killed 15 people, the suicide bombing at the Moment Café that left 11 people dead, and a double suicide bombing on Jerusalem’s Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall that killed 11 people.

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“For the Sake of Allah”

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